Short way from idea to market

Based on your existing product design, Heatflow can assess how to improve the thermal performance. This is done through our experience in applying known and novel energy technologies that can create the basis for a unique market positioning for our customers. We have the capability in solving thermal challenges in many different industries.


High performance customized solutions

Looking at a new product design, Heatflow focuses on getting the best thermal solution for the specific application. We are not limited by a large manufacturing site only capable of manufacturing a few of the known technologies, hence we’ll focus on the customer application and make sure the end-user gets the best user experience.

Cost effective electronics cooling

We truly believe in keeping our solutions simple and cost-effective. This is what we strive towards! We see a great potential for passive 2-phase cooling solutions to help our customers to obtain low power consumption, high-density and reliable electronics. There is a fast growing market and the technology is proven to be commercial attractive in various fully industrialized applications.

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